HUJI Rishum-net Timetable Export 2017 HUJI Rishum-net Timetable Export 2017

This extension takes a student's timetable from and converts it to iCalendar format.

Rating: 5.00 (1)
Users: 60 -6
Version: 1.2.3 (Last updated: 2016-11-12)
Size: 35.63K
Price: Free
* Added export of Exams.
* IMPORTANT NOTE: Courses that are not assigned to single semester (either first or second) are not supported for export in this version.
* Updated to 2016-2017 academic year (תשע"ז).
* Fixed timezone bug.

Are you a student at Faculty of Sciences or Medicine in Hebrew University?
This simple extension converts your timetable from Rishum-net to iCalendar format, which can then be imported wherever you want it to.

Just go to,
 login, press the icon and download the .ics file.

Note: although this functionality is supported in latest HUJIapp, the extension is still supported for those don't use it or those willing to control what and where to import in their calendars.

Note 2: As HUJITTE (short for Timetable Exporter) works with Rishum-net, export is only possible when your enroll period ('tkufat rishum') is open, usually in the beginning of each academic semester.

התוסף הזה מאפשר לייצא את מערכת השעות האקדמית מרישום-נט לפורמט שניתן לייבוא ברוב התוכנות לניהול לוח שנה, כולל גוגל קלנדר.
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