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Secure Cloud Storage and Communication. Privacy by design.

MEGA is a secure, user-controlled end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and communication service with 50 GB* free storage space.

This extension will allow you to install MEGA into your browser to reduce loading times, improve download performance and strengthen security. Any MEGA URL will be captured by this extension and stay local (no JavaScript will be loaded from our servers). Secure (auto-) updates are provided thanks to cryptographic private key signing.

MEGA's source code files (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) are loaded from the extension itself and do not require additional integrity verification. This saves time by not downloading these files from MEGA's servers and verifying them each time you visit the MEGA website. The executable client code runs directly from the user's local machine, rather than being loaded from MEGA through SSL at runtime. Browser extension updates are cryptographically protected. For more information see section 2.2 of our whitepaper

Security reviewers can find our source code at

*Subject to your participation in our achievements program.
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