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Smart PDF - PDF Converter Tool is also known as: Smart PDF - Files Converter Tool, SmartPDF - PDF Converter Tool.

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Users: 600,000+
Version: 2.1.5 (Last updated: 2022-01-19)
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Risk level: High risk
Smart PDF converter is an online service that does conversions of most popular formats. It’s a simple and clear PDF converter that supports different formats, among which converting Word, Excel, PPT, JPG to PDF and from PDF formats. Uploading from Google Drive is available. 

It’s very easy to use PDF converter service. In order to convert required format just follow the next steps:
- Select needed format for converting. For your convenience we divided available options into two columns. The first one makes conversion to PDF format and the second converts from PDF.
- Drop the file in the appropriate box or choose from your PC. Also there is an opportunity to select a file from Google Drive.
- Press the “Convert” button and the file will be converted in a second.
- Download directly to your PC or review it online.

- Simply convert PDF to Word exactly right and accurately. 
- Convert PDF to Excel to make it editable. Excel to PDF for easy reading.
- Convert a PDF to JPG file or JPG images to PDF format.
- Easy PDF to Powerpoint conversion and return it back in a second. 

Smart PDF converter online guarantees privacy and security of all documents you upload for converting. Our server does not store files and delete them once you close the window. We take care about anonymously and safety of your official documents. Be sure that all data that you convert to PDF or convert from PDF will be secured.

Smart PDF is a free online converter tool that simplifies working with documents and images in different formats. It’s a free service allows you to convert Word to PDF as well as Excel to PDF and vice versa. 

Quick and easy access right from your browser Smart PDF processes documents in Word, Excel, PDF, PPT and JPG. Just select Word file and press convert to PDF in order to take the needed format. 

Friendly interface allows you to convert files quickly and easily. Take any format for free. Process also documents in PPT and JPG.
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