Count! at the Raid Count! at the Raid

Have your eyeballs count, even when you raid!

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When Twitch raids happen, your browser gets redirected to the target channel with a URL parameter telling Twitch you came from a raid. Twitch then doesn't count your view toward the the streamer's view total for channel state purposes.

Folks on a partner push often ask viewers coming in from a raid to click a clean link to their channel, so that they get credit for the views. This extension lets you skip a step by directing you to the clean link automatically, before Chrome even requests the target channel.

This extension is only active on, and will only redirect you to the same channel you would be visiting as part of a raid. The extension will not activate, even on, if you are not part of a raid. Streamers are not able to determine whether or not you have the extension installed, or whether you have visited their channel from a clean link. They cannot give preferential treatment to people who have it installed, or punish people who don't.

This extension does not track any information about you, and it does not send any information about your browser activity on any website to anyone.
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