Explore nearby places for Airbnb Explore nearby places for Airbnb

Explore must-see places around your Airbnb listing, see exact distance with a short description of popular attractions.

Rating: 4.34 (41)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 2.0.1 (Last updated: 2016-02-23)
Size: 268.29K
With yapQ’s plugin for Airbnb you can:
✓ Explore must-see places around the listing
✓ See exact distance to help you decide between listings
✓ Plan your daily travels with ease
✓ Create custom lists of must-see places based on your booking (on yapq.com)

"Brilliant! It’s an essential plugin for anyone using Airbnb for travel" - Paul, London

"So simple and beautiful - it’s a feature Airbnb should have offered years ago" - Ethan, SF

No more ‘a 5min walk to city center’ or ‘centrally located, near Buckingham Palace’. yapQ plugin for Airbnb is the ideal companion for your next booking. Get it now!

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