Calendar Block Calendar Block

The previous year and upcoming year on the calendar shown in one big block.

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Users: 2,000+
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Version: 1.7 (Last updated: 2016-11-16)
Size: 284.67K
The structure of this calendar makes it much more useful than a regular monthly calendar by lining all the weeks end to end.

Also, calendars that start with January 1st aren't very useful because we're not interested in the past much. It's what's coming up ahead that we care to see and this calendar delivers it beautifully!

This extension shows the previous year and upcoming year by the week in one long continuous block, starting 12 months in the past and going for 12 months into the future. The past on a calendar is not that useful so this calendar opens up on the present but you can scroll back up to see the previous 12 months as needed.
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