VonageConnect for Zoho CRM VonageConnect for Zoho CRM

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Alex Neal
Alex Neal
The Confirmation Code is received from Vonage, for each extension. It's emailed to the Vonage User - so it would be sent to the sales rep's email you have assigned to the Vonage extension. I've done it for all my users and the click-to-call really is a huge boost. Be sure to have a spreadsheet with all Vonage extensions/users/confirmation codes, so if it ever becomes disconnected, disconnect telephony, reconnect, paste the code, and your good to go! Hope this helps!
Jason Roman
Jason Roman
We're continuing to have company-wide issues getting this to work with no response/resolution. The confirmation codes are invalid. We've got 200+ users trying to utilize this and it's killing productivity.
2019-03-27 This might be a fake review undefined confirmation code not received from zoho.
2019-03-04 Jen Christopher This extension tells me the confirmation code I generated is invalid.
2019-03-04 Don Mejia I have been trying to load the extension on my computer and it continues to fail. I have been waiting for Vonage Customer service to fix the issue and no luck so far.
David Erickson
David Erickson
This extension works well most of the time and has been very helpful with Zoho Integration.. However at times, calls will not show as ended, so the call does not log in Zoho or it is logged as a call that lasted several hours. It looks like the extension is locking up and not completing the call log.