Quicklet - Mini Game Tools Quicklet - Mini Game Tools

Tools for ALL of the Quizlet mini games including Gravity, Learn, Live, Match, Micro-Match, Speller, Tests, and Write!

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Have you ever wanted to get the high score on all of the Quizlet mini games? This extension can do just that!
This extension offers a tool for every mini game on Quizlet including Quizlet Gravity, Learn, Live, Match, Micro-Match, Speller, Tests, and Write! This extension works regardless of special characters or photos in the flashcard set! Listed below are the functionalities of each tool: 

GRAVITY: Types the answer automatically. Repeatedly press the [Space] and the [Enter] keys to automatically complete the game. This extension will also complete the “Copy the Answer” part.

LEARN: Automatically completes the multiple choice questions and displays the answers to the written questions. 

LIVE: Automatically completes your section of the game. No login required!

MATCH / MICRO-MATCH: The timer will be stopped and each pair of terms and definitions will be color coded. 

SPELLER / LEARN / WRITE: Automatically completes the entire game with a perfect score. 

TESTS: Completes the multiple choice questions, the true or false questions, and give you the answers to all of the written questions. 
Once downloaded, the extension’s icon will appear shaded to the right of the address bar. Once you enter a game, the icon will turn light blue. All you need to do is click on the icon once it turns blue and the tool for that game will be activated! 

IMPORTANT: If you happen to find any bugs with our extension, we ask that you leave a report in our support section with the game, the error, and the flashcard set (if possible). Bug reports are really appreciated as they help improve the quality of our extension. 

TERMS OF SERVICE: “Quicklet - All Mini Game Tools" is a one time purchase of $2.99. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements within the extension. All updates, bug fixes, and future tools are free after purchasing the extension. After purchasing the extension, customers have thirty minutes to request a full refund before their sale is final. This copy is for personal use only - do not distribute. Unauthorized distribution of the extension or any of its content will result in the termination of your license to own or use the extension. Our terms of service may be subject to change without notice. You are agreeing to these conditions by downloading or using the extension. Use the extension responsibly. 

PRIVACY POLICY: This extension will never collect, save, or transmit any of your personal data. The extension only requires one permission: the ability to view the URL of the page. The URL itself is never saved; it is used only to identify the mini-game you are playing so the extension can activate the tool for that specific game. 

MESSAGE TO THE USER: Please use this extension responsibly as it is only meant to be used for fun.