Bulk URL Opener Bulk URL Opener

Opens multiple URLs in one click

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Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2020-10-17)
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Opens multiple URLs in one click

BULK URL Opener is an chrome extension which helps you in opening multiple URLs at just one click (in new tabs).

Enter the list of URLs in the text area separated by new lines (each URL per line) or you could just click on "Get All Currently Opened Tab URLs" button to get the currently opened tab URLs.
Once the URLs are entered, click on "Open URLs" button.

The above mentioned usage instructions were basic usage instructions and you can do a lot more than just opening the URLs.

Key Features:
- Provides an option to open the multiple URLs at one click.
- Provides an option to save, load, edit/update and delete lists of URLs to provide an easier way to store and use a bulk amount of URLs.
- Allows the user to open each URL from the list of URLs with specific time delay before it opens the next URL.
- Focus opened tabs: Can focus on the tab which is opening at the moment.
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