Haxball All-in-one Tool Haxball All-in-one Tool

Tools for searching rooms, auto refreshing and joining rooms, admin kick/ban shortcuts, and local-muting of other players

By: xenonsb
Rating: 4.64 (14)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 0.4.4 (Last updated: 2020-12-30)
Size: 91.66K
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Risk level: Probably safe
For use on HTML5 version of 
 This extension asks for permission to store information on your computer to keep track of your selection for which tool to enable, and also your most recent room search term.

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Haxball All-in-one Tool adds a few time-saving features to the existing HTML5 version of the game. It works with all rooms hosted on the HTML5 game!

New in version 0.4.4: added more emojis to the text expansion, in Discord style. Should include more skin tones in the emoji selection.

New in version 0.4.2: a "beep" notification will happen after autojoin. Make sure your sound is on!

New in version 0.4.1: big one thanks to HaxMirage! For room search, there's now a Country Filter. Hover over, and scroll to click your favourite country! Added one-click to leave, so you can leave rooms without a second confirm button (disabled by default). A long-delayed feature - "I did in fact lag" shortcut, double click the ping graph (or ping area) to send info about your ping, max ping, fps, and red bars.

New in version 0.3.8: Right click to tag! Within chat log, you can right click someone's chat message to @Mention them. Also, you can also right click their name from the room player view to @Mention them.

New in version 0.3.7: Fix for autojoin - for rooms with similar names/same distance

New in version 0.3.6: Emoji keyboard! Comes together with the text expansion macro. Quick example - type :zzz: and the zzz emoji will appear in chat!

New in version 0.3.4: New options page and text expansion macros! In light of the bot-hosted rooms nowadays with a bunch of commands, why not have text expansions? For instance, if you constantly need to type "!admin" to chat, you can assign it as ".ad" and that will automatically expand to "!admin". Also, I've made a few fixes to the record shortcut (press R to record) and improved the add-on settings changes in-game. To configure text shortcuts, go to the add-on options and press configure shortcuts.

New in version 0.3.1: due to mis-use of kick/ban shortcuts, they're now set to double-click. Also, chat transparency is now user-customizable - enjoy! There's also a hidden feature baked in this update.. can you find it? :D (ok it's press R in-game to record replay, simple!)

New in version 0.3.0: fixed the chat hide toggle key to the key under ESC! No matter what keyboard layout you are, just find the key right below ESC!

New in version 0.2.4: added hotkeys to access other camera views (press 5, 6, 7, or 8 while in-game), links in chat will now be "clickable" hyperlinks that open in a new tab, minor fixes to hiding chat

New in version 0.2.2: overhaul of add-on settings in the nickname selection page, also the option to hide chat completely (not just transparency!) The chat toggle is at the top (game goals/time bar). When chat is hidden, you can still use the "Tab" key to quickly access chat - and after you're done with sending your message, the chat area will disappear :)

✓ Room Search (original idea by Raamyy): quickly filter rooms by their room names (or partial room names) using the search bar above the room list. In case you want to look at your several favourite rooms at once, separate your search terms (as many as you want) using +. For instance, let's say you want to look for spacebounce rooms and soccer rooms at the same time. Type in the search term "spacebounce+soccer" and you'll have it! Refer to the screenshot below for an example.
✓ Auto Join: trying to join a full room? Select any room in the list and click Auto Join - it does the refreshing for you and clicks in the moment a slot is free
✓ Admin Kick/Ban shortcuts: having difficulties kicking or banning abusive users quickly? If you are an admin of the room, click ESC in the room player list view to add the [K]ick and [B]an buttons. One click operation to kick/ban any player :) (of course not the host)
✓ Local mute: don't want to see a certain player's messages? Simply right click their name and press the mute button! Also, mute the whole room by clicking the Mute Room button :) If you host a bot and would like to be added to the mute whitelist, please send me a Discord message at xenonsb#9313.
✓ (Beta) Notification when you're moved into a team: forgot to check the Haxball tab? You'll get a desktop notification when you are moved into a team. Be aware that this is still a beta function!
✓ Hide NavBar feature: annoyed by the lost of screen estate from the navigation bar? Click the button when in the room to remove it :)
✓ Transparent chat: want to see chat but also see more of the field? You now have it :D Credits to P a c i f i c for helping with the implementation :)
✓ Hide chat toggle: if you really want to focus on the game without the transparent chat log, now you have it! Press the hide chat toggle on the score/time bar (or using the ~ key or " key on the top left of your keyboard), and it'll show/hide your chat :) But if you still need to chat quickly, just press "Tab" and chat normally
✓ Other camera views: maybe 1.5x zoom isn't enough for you, feel free to use anything from 1.75X onwards by using the hotkeys 5, 6, 7, or 8 in-game
✓ Link formatted in chat: it is now easier to click on links sent by other players through chat
✓ Record hotkey R: when in game or in a lobby, press R to begin/stop recording
✓ Text expansion macros: for quicker typing of constantly used commands/terms, you can now do so! The options for this is tucked into the add-on settings, or can be accessed through extension menu/add-ons menu under options/preferences.
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