Smartwaiver Kiosk Control Smartwaiver Kiosk Control

Control your Smartwaiver Kiosk from your browser. Send participant information from your computer to your Kiosk for signature.

Users: 73 +5
Version: 1.0.2 (Last updated: 2017-05-15)
Size: 91.87K
Price: Free
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Streamline the waiver signing process at your business with Smartwaiver. Convert your existing waiver into a digital smart waiver so participants can sign your legal documents ahead of time, online or at a Kiosk at your location. 

With the Smartwaiver Kiosk Control extension you can type in the participant’s information from your computer and send it to a Smartwaiver Kiosk at your facility with the push of a button. The customer can then review the waiver at the Kiosk, with their information filled in, and then digitally sign.
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