Pixiv Art Downloader Pixiv Art Downloader

Downloads art from Pixiv artists with one click! Supports albums and single images.

Rating: 2.67 (39)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 1.2.12 (Last updated: 2020-03-06)
Size: 36.91K
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Pixiv Art Downloader lets you download art as you browse through Pixiv. To use, go to the image or album and click Megumin (the extension icon) or press Alt+Shift+V. The extension will download the image or album under the subfolder "Pixiv Art Downloader" in your Chrome downloads folder. The subfolder can be renamed in the options for the extension, or uncheck the box to download directly to the Chrome downloads folder. 

v1.2.11: Updated extension to hopefully be more robust with internal Pixiv changes. Please check "Automatically allow access on the following sites" under Site access on the extension page.

1. The extension downloads images in their original resolution, so make sure you're logged in to Pixiv or the extension won't work.
2. Don't close the Chrome tab before the extension finishes downloading the entire album/artist page or the remaining images will not be downloaded.
3. All thumbnails have to be loaded on an artist page before it can be properly downloaded. Otherwise the images/albums associated with the thumbnails that aren't loaded may not be downloaded.
4. Unfortunately, you cannot change the subfolder outside of the Chrome Downloads directory, so please change your default directory in Settings > Advanced > Downloads Location for Chrome first, then the subfolder in the options menu of the extension.
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