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Extreme AutoComplete Extreme AutoComplete

An extension that records locally the user input data and provides it as auto complete option in future typings.

By: nativ18
Rating: 3.67 (9)
Users: 202 +3
Version: 1.0.4 (Last updated: 2017-02-23)
Size: 187.39K
Price: Free
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    * Auto complete from old sentences you typed anywhere.
    * Results are getting shown inside a draggable panel.
    * The extension remembers the panel's position for every site.
    * Data is saved locally using chrome secured API and never being sent anywhere.


'Alt' - moving focus to the panel in order to choose your prefered sentence.
'up 'down' arrows - once you moved focus using 'Alt' just choose your option with the arrows.
'esc' - hides the panel.

More Information:

This extension provides an auto complete ability on any site(even on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Gmail).
The extension saves in local database the user's old sentences and knows to suggest him the correct sentences according to his typing.

Even if the user is typing paragraphs, like long mails or articles the extension knows to provide auto complete to any of the sentences separately and will not process the whole paragraph.

It's important to emphasize that the extension doesn't send any user data anywhere. It's all about keeping it safe simple and helping people.  

Usage example:

If the user types: "Hi guys, welcome to my show" and "Hi guys, welcome to my home"
then for any future typing of "Hi guys" or "Hi guys, welcome"(or any other sub string) the extension will open a panel containing the corresponding 2 sentences from above.

I think that this feature is a MUST for bloggers/journalists and anyone who write a lot on the computer. 

**** Please let me know if you're having issues with it so I could fix them ASAP ****

You can contact me directly at
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