Harry Potter Three Broomsticks Inn [LSP] Harry Potter Three Broomsticks Inn [LSP]

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horrrible. 1. blurry 2. lying (it says live its not live) 3. you cant even read anything dumbass
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it is funny and all but uhm how do i get ris of it??? i kinda done with it now :(
i always loved everything of j.k. rowling harry potter creation.loved this theme
i hate harry potter
It zoomed in to much and woont zoom out.
I love Harry Potter, so I downloaded this, but it wasn't exactly how I expected it to be. Most importantly, it wasn't LIVE
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It isn't live as they depicted it to be and it isn't really a chrome wallpaper
Résolution pas terrible et l'image est zoomée non complète... Dommage!
gros zoom
yarım gözüküyor
It was too big for my screen and didn't fit correctly so I was not able to see the whole image.
El fondo de pantalla no es el que se ve en la miniatura y esta todo pixeleado
it's cool
A foto na descrição é linda, mas ao colocar no chrome... Dá um zoom e não fica nada legal!
Does not fit my screen, IDK Mabye it work for other
Lite dålig upplösning på startbilden.
Neat concept, but it's not really a Google Chrome theme, is it? It only works if you use their own start/search page. If you go to google.com, there is no theme-just regular Google. Have disabled the add-on.
Sem graça
Horrible -description lies
Wow love it!
Fica com um zoom horrivel, nada igual a descrição
So cool.