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Amplify sound up to 600%. Make all sounds of any tab much louder.

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Sound Booster extension for Chrome browser will help you to increase default max volume level. 
You can amplify volume up to 600%! If you`re watching video on youtube, or watching movie or just listen to your favorite music and want it to be much louder, then we can definitely help you. Volume Booster is absolutely free but pretty useful extension.
This app will boost sound level on particular website. Current loudness on the page can be changed in 2 ways:
Using slider ( movie it to the right to increase, and to the lest to decrease volume level)
Clicking on “+” and “-” buttons
Volume Booster displays your current vol. rate as percentage in the scale from 0% to 600%! You can also switch to any tab playing audio with just one click. You can see the list of tabs playing audio at the moment and see it`s name.  
It`s also pretty easy to use this app. To change the webpage loudness just click on the extension icon in upper right corner of the Chrome browser (tooldbar) and set the settings you want.
Key features of Volume Booster:
Lightweight extension
Easy to use because of simple and user-friendly interface
“+” and “-” buttons to change loudness rate
Move the slider to increase or decrease volume level of the current tab
App displays audio/video loudness rate as percentage
Extension increase vol. rate up to 600%
Application also displays the list of tabs playing audio and its name
Install Volume booster application for Google Chrome and improve your browsing. Using our application, you will see a big difference. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments and suggestions. You can help us to make our product even better!
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