Allows forcing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers on any desired URL; helpful when accessing remote services from a local host.

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2021-12-07
By: cdeely
Rating: 3.81 (16)
Users: 2,000+
Version: 1.1 (Last updated: 2014-03-21)
Size: 81.24K
Risk level: Safe
ForceCORS is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to selectively apply CORS Headers to any web server responses you choose. This is extremely helpful when developing a web application that makes Ajax/XHR requests.

The extension requires you to specify the domains that you wish to monitor and allows you to explicitly define the headers to be added. This is preferable to completely disabling XHR security in your browser, which is a big security hole.

***Regarding Permissions***
In order to allow you to append headers to ANY arbitrary location, this extension requires access to intercept ANY web request.  However, by default the extension does NOT monitor any web traffic.  Only URLs you specifically whitelist will be read by the extension, and only headers that YOU specify will be appended.

Note: Headers added by this extension will not appear in the DevTools "Network" panel due to a known Chrome bug:

This extension is open source under the MIT License and can be found on GitHub:
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