Multi Search & Multi Jump Multi Search & Multi Jump

You can jump to the search result for each search word.

By: pub
Rating: 4.30 (20)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 0.1.13 (Last updated: 2021-11-15)
Size: 86.39K
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Search inside the page and highlight it.

Since the search field does not disappear even if you click on the page, it can be searched continuously.

[About search]
In multi-word search, search words are separated by single-byte spaces.

Pressing the Enter key in the search field jumps to all search results.

When you press the F1 - F12 key, it jumps only to the search term of the number that was pressed.

[About display of search field]
Click the icon or display it with [Ctrl + Shift + F].

* If you display with the character selected, it automatically sets it as the search word.

Use the ESC key to hide the search field (finish a search).

You can make the screen easier to read by using Ctrl + Alt + <- or ->.
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