Universe Refined (1080p) Universe Refined (1080p)

The updated version of the Universe theme that makes it more compatible and user friendly with the latest version of Chrome

By: Leptons
Rating: 4.82 (34)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 3.0 (Last updated: 2018-11-25)
Size: 3.74M
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Risk level: Safe
This theme is an updated version of the Universe theme, originally by Alison Goldsmith, that makes it more compatible with the latest version of Chrome and much more user friendly on the whole.

   • Text on the new tab page is now white for much improved legibility against the dark background.
   • The active tab is now much easier to identify due to the inactive tabs being slightly tinted.
   • Other minor improvements have been made in order to further optimise the theme.

I had been using the original Universe theme for many years. Unfortunately, Chrome updates have caused it to become very frustrating to use. In the reviews and support for the original theme I could see many others had the same issues that I had with it. Since it was last updated in 2013, I decided I would refresh the theme myself, and after some fiddling, here we are with Universe Refined.

I hope you enjoy this theme and if you know anyone using the outdated version, please let them know that the new and improved 'Universe Refined' is available now. Thank you.