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This AddOn provides an easy way to access different search providers.

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Most of us have a favourite search provider that we are all too happy to be able to access via the omnibox of our browser. However, what if, this one time you need to search for something specific that is more likely to be available somewhere else? For example, your standard settings are set to Google, but this one time, you are searching for a video, so better a search would be with YouTube.

Normally, you would have to first go to the main domain of the provider and only then be able to look for your search phrase. Unless you would make a search with your main provider and click your way through, until you find relevant information. 

With Swift Select, you can skip those steps ahead and directly search with a provider that you want via omnibox. Just type 's' and press the space button, type your search phrase and choose a provider that will be shown to you in the suggestion list. 

It's that simple! 
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