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Cool New Tab theme with HD wallpapers of Cool Sport Cars

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Enjoy a different New Tab HD wallpaper Theme of Sports Cars. By installing it you get not only some cool pictures of your favorite sports cars, but also some very useful features that can actually make your life easier. Your new tabs are completely remodeled into a useful working space with a cool sports car wallpaper that you can enjoy while still doing your job. The Sports Cars theme also changes your default search.

The following features come with the extension:
- High quality wallpapers of amazing sports cars
- Current Date/Time based on your timezone
- Current weather based on your location
- ToDo List
- Most Visited Sites
- Recently Closed Pages
- Bookmarks
- Social Networks Notifications

Install Sports Cars HD Wallpapers by CoolStart and enjoy high quality images of some of the best sports cars brands in the world.

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