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SSS-Send,Search,Share.Select Text-Send using ZMail or Search in ZSearch,ZPeople.Click icon to share a current page link via email

By: Raja S
Rating: 5.00 (5)
Users: 202 +6
Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2014-02-22)
Size: 8.38K
Price: Free
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This extension will do

1/ Search a selected text in Zoho Search and Zoho People.

    - Zoho Search is an universal search by Zoho which will give us the result among Mail, Docs, Contacts. 

    - Zoho People will be useful if you use it for internal HR management process

2/ Also it will auto populate the selected text as content of the Zoho Mail, so that you can easily send a selected text via Zoho Mail

3/ When you click on icon in the extension bar, automatically it will populate a title and set content as a current tab url in Zoho Mail which is totally like Firefox's "Email Link" feature

I am one of the fan of Zoho Products.
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