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Quipu is the invoicing software that saves time for you in your business' management and shows the status of your business

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Quipu: intuitive invoicing

What is Quipu?

Quipu is an intuitive invoicing and accounting software designed for freelances, SMEs, startups and ecommerce businesses.

We automatize tiresome administrative tasks so you have to dedicate only the essential time to them and enjoy real-time information about your business from every place and device.

How does Quipu help you?

- Access your company information in real time from your smartphone or laptop
- Synchronize Quipu with your bank, know the status of your cash and perform bank reconciliation from Quipu itself
- Collect your invoices as soon as possible: control their due dates and allow your clients to pay you online
- Create invoices and budgets in a second and upload your expenses from your smartphone or your e-mail
- Your documental manager: all your invoices, documents and accounting books in the same place
- Create recuring invoices and generate remittances that you can upload to your bank
- Connect Quipu with your online shop so that each order appears in Quipu automatically. You can connect Quipu to WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify or Magento.
- Upload your income and expenses and your taxes will be completed automatically.
- Invite your bookkeeper to Quipu so you can share all your information with him.

You can see more information in our website 
 and try it out for free.
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