MailMerge MailMerge

MailMerge allows you to merge a template in your GMail account with contact groups and send personalized messages.

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Rating: 3.30 (20)
Users: 10,993
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Version: 2 (Last updated: 2015-01-24)
Size: 6K
Price: Free
MailMerge is an application that allows you to create a template message in GMail and use it to merge against a group of Contacts. It's a cost effective alternative to costly mass email marketing solutions.

It's very useful for sending emails containing personalized contact information to a large number of contacts. By using a simple variable substitution system like: 

Dear $first-name,
[text of your message]

MailMerge will perform substitution and send the personalized message to each contact in the group you selected.

Whether you're emailing your customers about a new product, reaching prospects to make an offer, inviting friends to a party or sending holiday greetings to family members, MailMerge will help you deliver a personalized experience, avoiding dreadfully impersonal Carbon-Copy messages. Additionally, you'll also get individual threads for each response you receive, keeping your inbox organized.

MailMerge is better than other solutions that make you fiddle around with Google Drive Documents and Spreadsheet. With MailMerge you create your template directly in GMail and use your existing contacts.
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