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Script Collider! Script Collider!

JavaScript & CSS Minifier tool that simplifies the merging and minifying process for multiple file sites

Rating: 2.20 (5)
Users: 194 -4
Version: 1.0.2 (Last updated: 2013-07-17)
Size: 343.04K
Price: Free
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Simplify your minification process now!

Script Collider automatically detects the JavaScript & CSS files on the current page, merging all your selected items in one file with your preferred minification library.
Minify JavaScript with:
- JSmin [default]
- UglifyJS
- Google Closure Compiler
- Javascript-Minifier
- JS Beautifier (unminify)

and CSS with:
- CSSMin
- YUI/CSS [default]
- CSS Beautifier (unminify)

- Add new JS/CSS files from different URLs with the [+] button. 
- Manage/Track files from multiple projects by saving your settings into "Saved Lists" section.
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