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Version: 4.0.7 (Last updated: 2020-09-08)
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Make it easier to tidy up your digital life with Platstack! With the Platstack Chrome Extension, you no longer have to copy and paste the content you want to save into the app. Instead, you can save links with a single click by dragging-and-dropping them directly into a Stack or your Parking Lot. 

From videos and playlists, to articles and documents, Platstack helps reduce tab overload and show off what you know by organizing the best links you find online. Instead of having hundreds of open tabs at any given time, the Platstack Chrome extension lets you quickly drag-and-drop links into the appropriate stacks, making it easier and faster to save the best stuff you find online and access it when you need it. Platstack also lets you send those links to others with a simple click of a button. You can confidently close open windows and regain focus online, cleaning up your digital space. 

Save: Platstack allows you to save and store important links that you find in the course of your day, or need to be able to access quickly and easily. This means you no longer need to keep open many tabs and links which drains  your computer’s memory and Internet speeds. Plus, you no longer need to panic if an open tab accidentally gets closed. With Platstack, you’re able to easily drop any link you find into a Stack or your Parking Lot to save it for when you want it again.

Organize: Gone are the days when you’re forced to sift through folder after folder, and long lists of bookmarks to find what you need. With Platstack, you can create Stacks specific to every element of your life that you need organized, and sort your links accordingly. When you’ve saved everything you need, open a Stack to quickly pull up all the relevant links with a single click of a button. 

Share: Don’t bombard your coworkers, friends, and family with dozens of links every time you want to coordinate or share valuable information. Instead, send them just one link — a link to a Stack that easily conveys what they need to know, gets them access to what they need, or sparks their interest in something new.  
Works Anywhere: The Chrome Extension is just the beginning. By having Platstack in your back pocket, you can access links from anywhere and on any device. 

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