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Frontier engages students in grades 3-8 with inquiry based lessons on real world topics. Fully integrated with G Suite & Classroom

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We believe in empowering students to think critically about the media they consume and practice digital citizenship. 21st century teaching should build both reading literacy and digital media literacy to prepare students for success. Using diverse multimedia resources to contextualize reading and writing standards, we’re helping students build meaningful connections between school and life. 
Today’s students need to know how to effectively find and evaluate online research. Frontier’s vetted multimedia resources give students the freedom to explore real world digital content within a structure that keeps students safe and on task. By engaging learners with an inquiry based approach, Frontier is building the next generation of writers and creators. 


Frontier is a web-based program that’s used by students, teachers, and school administrators.
 - Digital lessons offer rigorous writing and reading practice for Grades 3-8.

Teachers can quickly customize any of Frontier’s digital lessons to better support their instructional goals, curriculum, or state standards.

-Each lesson connects academic standards to high interest, real world topics.
-Lessons feature curated digital media including blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts.
-Lessons are aligned to ELA state standards and incorporate science and social studies content standards.

Teachers facilitate whole group discussions and support students as they independently explore curated online resources.

- Scaffolded note taking prompts encourage students to think critically about each online resource.
- Texts are automatically differentiated for students so they see content within their zone of proximal development.

Students creatively apply what they learn in a final project.
- G Suite integration makes it easy for students to draft, peer edit, revise, and publish work.
- Engaging writing prompts and rubrics facilitate opinion, informational, and narrative writing.
- Archived reading notes allow students to easily cite their research.

An online dashboard allows teachers and administrators to track student growth and achievement.
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