MTC Extension MTC Extension

Multiple devices, people and places connected in a shared workplace

Users: 69 +1
Version: 0.0.3 (Last updated: 2016-10-19)
Size: 12.24K
Price: Free
MTC5000 is an all-in-one wireless presentation and collaboration solution for the modern workplace. At its core it allows up to 12 people, whether they’re together in the same room or remote, to send what’s on their device screen to a main meeting room display.
MTC5000 enables everyone in a meeting to see what’s happening on the other attendee’s screens. Those screens can be re-arranged, re-ordered and layered - with MTC5000 you control how the information is presented: you can use touch/gesture or mouse control to arrange and view any combination of attendee’s screens.
For attendees connecting remotely, the solution offers full video and voice communication which means remote workers and teams can be part of the meeting as naturally as if they were actually in the room. Everyone connected can be seen and heard and is able to equally contribute.
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