Сообщения Вконтакте HD Сообщения Вконтакте HD

Publisher: sasha.limerenz
User count: 50
Rating: 4
Сними ограничения ВКонтакте на количество людей в inline-чатике.

24 alternatives for Сообщения Вконтакте HD

1, VkBox VkBox
Publisher: mr.alek3
User count: 35
Rating: 1
Moves the social network VKontakte buttons in the usual place.
2, VK Online VK Online
User count: 3,115+
Rating: 273
Momentary notifications about the new PM and online status changes of your friends in VK social network
3, vk-x vk-x
User count: 548
Rating: 11
Extension for vk.com that makes life easier
4, VK dialogs VK dialogs
Publisher: Lev Mishin
User count: 473
Rating: 28
This extension allows to chat with friends in VK in a browser popup window.
5, VK status notification VK status notification
User count: 100
Rating: 10
Displays a notification when the changing status of the specified user VK. You can specify multiple users
6, vk.com Mini Dialogs vk.com Mini Dialogs
Publisher: Yuri Datsenko
User count: 609
Rating: 64
Simple and quick vk.com chat directly from extension's popup
7, My messages My messages
Publisher: MaxPax
User count: 7,870+
Rating: 140
Notifies about new messages in social networks and new e-mails
8, Old Design VK Old Design VK
User count: 5,329+
Rating: 185
The extension, which brings back old design of VK
9, VK+ Switcher VK+ Switcher
User count: 3,180+
Rating: 79
Lets you easily switch between multiple Vkontakte and other social networks accounts.
10, "Post on VK" Button "Post on VK" Button
User count: 955
Rating: 21
Provides easy way for VK users to rapidly share materials with friends.
11, VK+OK Ads Block VK+OK Ads Block
User count: 6,718+
Rating: 77
Looking for Ads Block for Vkontakte & Odnoklassniki? “VK+OK Ads Block“- blocking ads in one click!
12, VK Blue - EQ & Scrobbler for VK.com VK Blue - EQ & Scrobbler for VK.com
User count: 35,461+
Rating: 2,430
Extension to the standard vk.com player functionality. It adds EQ, Last.fm scrobbling, media keys support, artist's bio and lyrics
13, Hotkeys for vk.com Hotkeys for vk.com
User count: 2,195+
Rating: 88
Control music playback (Play, Pause, Previous, Next) on vk.com with widget or keyboard.
14, VK Player VK Player
Publisher: Eugene Probkin
User count: 1,436+
Rating: 61
The extension VKPlayer allow you to play/pause music on VK.com and switch to next track, just duble click on icon.
15, Social Book Post Manager Social Book Post Manager
Publisher: htang.dev
User count: 331,045+
Rating: 43,225
Batch delete posts in Fackbook (TM) timeline. Other batch processing: hide / unhide / unlike items. FREE!
16, Buffer Buffer
User count: 302,368+
Rating: 3,143
Buffer is the best way to share great content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web, with just one click.
17, Houseparty Houseparty
User count: 1,054,241+
Rating: 330
See who is on Houseparty even when you're not online. Say Hi to your friends as you browse the web.
18, Watch2Gether Watch2Gether
Publisher: http://w2g.tv
User count: 950,175+
Rating: 82
This extensions let's you share content from websites directly into a Watch2gether room.
19, FreeVPN Free VPN Proxy FreeVPN Free VPN Proxy
User count: 104,126+
Rating: 1,824
Unblock websites and stay secure with FreeVPN SSL VPN proxy.
20, Web for Instagram (with DM) Web for Instagram (with DM)
Publisher: Web App
User count: 378,592+
Rating: 761
This is better than a mobile version of Instagram! View or upload your IG Stories and other functions directly in your browser.
21, LinkedIn Extension LinkedIn Extension
Publisher: LinkedIn
User count: 543,457+
Rating: 356
This extension lights up with a new notification count whenever you have new activity waiting for you at LinkedIn.
22, Talk and Comment - Voice notes anywhere Talk and Comment - Voice notes anywhere
User count: 358,447+
Rating: 5,718
Make voice notes and comments on any site!
23, Metastream Remote Metastream Remote
User count: 333,804+
Rating: 55
Watch streaming media with friends.
24, Desktopify Desktopify
User count: 498,559+
Rating: 7,961
Browse web mobile Instagram site directly from your Desktop (Pc / Mac)