Jira On Fire by Kolossi Jira On Fire by Kolossi

For cloud-hosted jira (https://*.atlassian.net) this will do some enhancements to the jira display. See options.

By: Kolossi
Rating: 4.00 (3)
Users: 64 -3
Version: 0.7.9 (Last updated: 2019-04-02)
Size: 63.85K
Price: Free
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Jira doesn't always help give a quick overview when viewing search results or boards.   Jira plugins can help but be expensive or even impossible on cloud-hosted Jira.  This gets around both of these problems by using a (FREE!) Chrome extension to modify the page html after display to optional provide these changes:

 - Efficient issue retrieval from jira to prevent dupicate requests - cahcing & queueing
 - Widens the comment display area when viewing a Jira ticket or editing a comment.
 - When viewing sub-tasks in search results, by default Jira shows just the parent Jira ticket number, with the parent description as a tooltip. This is reversed.
 - When viewing search results, retrieves the logged worklog for each Jira ticket and adds it to the results display. Shows first 3 initially, click to show the rest.  This functionality is off by default since the timesheet is now implemented in search results.
 - When viewing boards & search results, shows a "traffic light" indicating if the ticket is ready to start.  If it's a subtask, this is down to whether the previous subtask of the parent is complete, and whether the parent itself is complete. A tooltip explains why the traffic light is the colour it is.  Also looks for "blocked" labels and "Dev blocked" status of ticket or parent.
 - On boards, whilst the parent of a sub-task is shown on a surrounding card, the Jira ticket number is not clickable to open the relevant Jira ticket.  This fixes that up.
 - Timesheet.  On a search/filter results page, any worklogs for the displayed tickets are collected and presented at the bottom of the page by person and day (descending).
 - *New in v0.7.9* : Annotate the small progress graphs with the text of time estimated/recorded/remaining, instead of just being a (sometimes works!) tooltip.

Each of the modifications can be turned on or off in the Extension options.  An additional option ("show fire") highlights each change made to the page with an orange dotted underline or outline to show what it's doing.

All options other than worklog are on by default, but can be turned off in the extension options.
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