Create & Search Video Timestamps for Youtube™ Create & Search Video Timestamps for Youtube™

The extension that lets you to easily create and share Youtube™ video timestamps and to discover other timestamps for similar videos

Create, Share & Search Video Timestamps for Youtube.

The Video Timestamps browser extension allows you to create and bookmark your favorite sections in your favorite videos so you can check them out again and again. All your data is backed-up in the cloud so you are not limited to using only one device to access your data. Free and easy to use, Video Timestamps also lets you discover other users' favorite video bookmarks. Currently, the Video Timestamps browser extension for Chrome works only with Youtube but its functionality will be extended to cover other video sharing and podcast websites. 

The Video Timestamps Search Engine is a separate solution that doesn't require installing the browser extension and is intended for those searching only for a certain section within a video after a given search keyword. However, installing the browser extension gives its user the possibility to access the same search functionality. 

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