League Of Legends HD New Tab League Of Legends HD New Tab

The League Of Legends extension will make browsing even more enjoyable with amazing pics.

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2020-11-17
Users: 36,904+
Version: 0.0.2 (Last updated: 2020-09-28)
Size: 13.05M
Price: Free
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Risk level: undefined
We carefully created an extension for League Of Legends fans. As you know a customized browser that meet you expectations and interest is a necessity for your browsing experience. We know that as well and presenting you a new League Of Legends extension with many features. Visually we hope that you will find it satisfying and enjoy its features in the list down below. 

-	A very cool looking date and clock feature will definitely catch your eye to follow the time. 
-	There is a box in your League Of Legends tab to make specific searches on Google directly. 
-	With ‘’Popular Games’’ section, a lot of browser games will be available to you in the new League Of Legends extension. 
-	Our new League Of Legends extension provides you frequently used web sites and social media icons to easily access without using too much time on it which is very handy. 
-	If you are looking for an hd and artistic wallpapers, now you have chance to find countless      League Of Legends wallpapers for your background. 
-	When you open a new tab, a League Of Legends image will be your background however, it will be strict one. We will also develop our League Of Legends extension so that when you open a new page you will see a new League Of Legends image will be your background. 
-	We also created a blog post for League Of Legends fans! As you install the League Of Legends extension you can read about the League Of Legends and maybe you will find and information that you never knew before in the blog post! 

Our new League Of Legends extension is optional and it is always will be! If you are thinking that League Of Legends extension is not a suitable choice for you, you can easily uninstall it any time. There is an icon for that and that will not take much of your time. 

In addition to all of that, the League Of Legends images you will see and use as a background images in this League Of Legends extension are a collection gathered from the web. If you own any image among them you can contact to use for removal. Notice that all the images and characters of the League Of Legends are belong to their respective owner.  Also, ıf you have any suggestion about new features that you will see in this League Of Legends extension, you can always contact us about it.
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