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Bricz Lite Bricz Lite

A Ball, a Bat and a lot of Bricks .. oh my.

A free 5 level demo of the soon to be released game, Bricz. Your basic brick bashing game with power-ups a plenty. A Ball, a Bat and a lot of Bricks .. oh my.

Demo containing 5 levels of my 1st full game 'Bricz'.

This game demo is your 'old school' basic, retro style, bat and ball, brick bashing game.  The aim of the game is to clear the screen of all the bricz.  

To move the bat, simply use the left and right buttons on either side of the screen or move the bat with your finger.  If you also have a keyboard, you can also use the left and right keys.  Move the bat to hit the ball towards the Bricz.

Hit the multi coloured bricz, by hitting them with the ball, to release a power-up to help you complete the level, but beware as not all power-ups are helpful.

Demo game features include:

- 5 playable demo levels

- 11 power-ups which include:- Superball, Shields, Fast Ball, Invisibat and more

- Includes High Score

- NO adverts or in-app purchases

- Easter Egg - I've hidden an extra within the demo, can you find it?  Good hunting.
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