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Presensoft Email Archiving for Google Apps Presensoft Email Archiving for Google Apps

It provides a third-party solution to archiving Gmail and documents stored in Google Apps.

Presensoft's Email Archiving for Google Apps™ provides a third-party solution to archiving Gmail™ and documents stored in Google Apps™. Email and attachments sent or received will be captured in every form and stored securely in a cloud-based archive. Data is collected immediately, so archives are stored in almost real-time and can easily be accessed from the Presensoft Management Console.

Presensoft® provides flexibility when it comes to your organization's archiving policy, such as allowing only particular users to view their archives or blocking users from accessing other web mail clients. The robust search features enable users to narrow down exactly what they're looking for or export the search results to send to an immediate manager.

Whether your organization needs Google Apps™ archiving for disaster recovery or legal hold, Presensoft provides a reliable and secure archiving solution.

Features of Presensoft Email Archiving for Google Apps™: 

1. Archive & Backup Gmail™ - Securely store email in a cloud-based archive, where users cannot tamper with or delete data. Deleted emails from user inboxes will still be available for retrieval in the Presensoft® archive.

2. Search & Filter - Quickly search for emails in the archive by date, user, computer, or keyword. Use boolean expressions to narrow down the search even further.

3. Content Alerts - Receive instant email notifications when users in your organization sends out emails with unauthorized keywords or phrases, or if they have not used their accounts for a suspiciously extended time period.

4. Group Settings & Roles - Set group policies to apply only to users from particular groups, departments, or hierarchies. Create multiple user access levels to determine what users can and cannot view in the archive.

5. Legal Hold & Retention - Place emails from certain users on hold for litigation purposes for as long as necessary. Set a retention time for all other emails for up to 7 years as often required or longer.

6. Export Emails - Easily export emails in various formats, including PDF, XML, CSV, HTML and PST. Exported emails create a collective view of email history based on specified search criteria, like date, topic, or user.

The installation and setup of Presensoft's Email Archiving for Google Apps™ is completely seamless and can be installed by any member of your organization (although set up by an administrator is recommended). After getting set up within minutes, email archiving and syncing will begin immediately.

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