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Leetcode Eye Patch Leetcode Eye Patch

Hides away Leetcode's Difficulty and Acceptance Rate columns.

Rating: 4.57 (7)
Users: 193 -3
Version: 0.10 (Last updated: 2017-12-27)
Size: 40.4K
Price: Free
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Update 12/27/2017: updated for new leetcode ui, screenshots to follow

Hides away Leetcode's Difficulty and Acceptance Rate information so that you won't get nervous when doing a hard problem or one with a very low acceptance rate. 

Also has the option of hiding away locked problems. (click the eye patch icon to see.)

New feature in v0.3: after you pass the problem, Acceptance Rate and Difficulty level will show right below the "Accepted" text to add extra satisfaction when finishing a problem and seeing it was actually hard. Suggested by Chryscord from reddit.

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  Feel free to contribute in any way!
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