CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures

Boost browsing productivity with mouse navigation shortcuts - simple Mouse Gestures, Super Drag, Wheel Gestures, Rocker Gestures.

CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures is a featured Chrome extension by It has 700,000+ weekly active users and an average rating of 4.52. CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures is similar to Mouse Gesture Events and Mouse Gestures crx. The latest version is 5.0.2 and was updated 25 days ago. CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures is available in English and 12 other languages. Within Chrome Web Store, its overall ranking is #365.

Customize mouse gestures and make your browsing more productive, and each mouse movement more effective!
crxMouse Chrome™ Gestures brings the power of the browser to your fingertips, boosting your productivity.
**Our service is free. No paid edition or account and no advertisements. 
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CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures
CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures
CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures
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요새 잘 안되는거 같은데 설정이 다시 필요한건가요?
Jamie Yun Jamie Yun
이거 왜 복사 제스처 안되냐???!
Site Blacklist is NOT WORKING!!!
Ivan Risk Ivan Risk
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