Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

FameUp – Free likes for your Instagram FameUp – Free likes for your Instagram

FameUp helps you to effectively use social networks!

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Users: 210 +5
Version: 1.0.2 (Last updated: 2020-06-01)
Size: 2.64M
Price: Free
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Reliably grow your Reach & Impressions on Instagram – without using any bots. will help you get the attention you deserve! By providing a group for users in which every user automatically likes other users posts and thereby increases the like count on their posts.  
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•	Automatic: just open your browser and launch the extension – we will take care of the rest
•	Anonymous: by anonymizing our users, nobody can identify who is a member of
•	Authentic: we made sure that every action taken on your account by comes across as human as possible
•	Safe: no bots or other dubious systems are involved – so we don’t violate any IG guidelines

How does it work?
•     Get an instant like boost after posting a picture
       -  when you post something, you got a instant like boost up to 150 likes

•     Post gets viral and attracts followers
      - Instagram starts showing your post in Explore tab and promotes your content.

•     Fully automated
      - you dont need dx5 groups on Telegram and more, login and you are good to go!
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