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rikaikun shows the reading and English definition of Japanese words when you hover over Japanese text in the browser.

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Version: 1.2.4 (Last updated: 2021-06-14)
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As a Japanese dictionary, rikaikun helps you look up the only the words you don't know without losing your place. It's also useful for Japanese speakers wanting to know how to say Japanese phrases in English.

* Using shift or enter, switch between word, names, and Kanji dictionaries.
* Enable text to speech in the options to hear Japanese words you look up spoken out load.
* Press 'c' to copy the current word and definitions to the clipboard for making flash cards.
* Customize how the pop up dictionary looks and what content it shows.

Activate the extension by clicking the 理 icon in the top right. When the introductory pop up appears, rikaikun is ready for action.

When it's activated, when you hover over Japanese words they'll be translated in a pop up.  If you hit shift/enter, you'll see some information about the first Kanji.

Press 'd' to hide the English definitions; press it again to bring them back. (Also changeable on the Options page.)

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