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Mathfillin for Chrome Mathfillin for Chrome

Mathfillin is a fill in the blanks game. Just fill in the boxes with the correct number to complete the equation.

Rating: 4.57 (7)
Users: 196 -13
Version: 1.0.2 (Last updated: 2015-05-29)
Size: 48.47K
Price: Free
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Mathfillin is a simple puzzle game that may challenge your thinking skill. It is as simple as clicking on a bunch of numbers to complete an equation. Difficulty levels include "Easy" which is just filling up 3 numbers; "Moderate" - to fill up 4 numbers; "Difficult" - to fill up 5; and "Extreme" which may get you thinking for a while.

Mathfillin's order of operation is MDAS. Meaning, Multiplication should start first, then division, then Addition followed by Subtraction.

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