Boku no Hero New Tab & Themes Boku no Hero New Tab & Themes

Boku no Hero New Tab - Weather, To Do, Boku no Hero Themes And More Features That Will Change Your Tab Layout

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Version: 2.4.0 (Last updated: 2019-01-12)
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Welcome to Boku no Hero extension! You are about to enjoy the best Boku no Hero image addon ever and an incredible collection of top quality pics for your new Boku no Hero tab page. For all you loving Boku no Hero, you're came to the right place! 

Once you open a new tab, you will be able to enjoy the best and advanced functionalities we have to offer. This will mean your new tab will look according to our style standard and all relevant functionalities will be added. 

Let us tell you a bit about our newest possibilities - 
*Use your new Boku no Hero tab page as a workplace- we added a costume comment bar for you TDL and an exact clock, so you'll always know the exact time. 
*A weather signals - as exact as possible, synced to your current location. 
*Search bar for your convenience. 
*Wallpaper catalog for you to select from your chosen pics. 
*Play interactive games using the games bar.

*Contact With Us* 
For product related queries or reviews, you can send a private message and we will respond in no time. 

*Remove Boku no Hero Theme* 
If we are not your cup of tea, that's all right. 
On your chrome settings, you'll find the app tab. There, select our app and press the uninstall button. 

We worked real hard so you can enjoy Boku no Hero extension, so have fun and tell your friends all about it!