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Compute estimates right from Workflowy! {openSource}

By: jchoelt
Rating: 5.00 (3)
Users: 72 +7
Version: 0.3.1 (Last updated: 2017-09-16)
Size: 58.61K
Price: Free
Want to compute estimates right from Workflowy? Or just sum up some stuff in a workflowy page?

This is your tool.

**How does it work?**

Any line that starts with a number formatted like this will be consider a price (or price range):


Then, for any line that contains a triple dollar sign ($$$), the plugin will show the sum of all price (or a range) based on all of its visible children.

**Note on ranges:**

If you sum a lot of ranges, say 10 items from $50..100, you will notice that the total range reported by the application isn't $750 +/ $250 but $750 +/- $100

This is because the estimator doesn't consider your $50..$100 range to be a "flat probability". In other terms, it's more likely to be around the center of the interval than it is to be at the limits. To achieve that, it creates a so-called "bell curve" centered at $75. It then returns an interval at 95% confidence which is smaller (and more accurate) that doing a simple sum of intervals.
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