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Open the Linkedin website in one click and review the feed like in a mobile app. New notifications are displayed in the icon

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LinkedIn is the most popular American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Worldwide known system LinkedIn is professional networking, and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs. 

Everyone at least once, but thought about how to make usage of Linkedin more comfortable. We also thought about it. The answer is to open website page in a separate new tab window using a mobile version of the website.
Experience shows this helps stay more concentrated on the things you need while browsing and exploring Linkedin.

Clicking on the extension's icon is also an easy way to take you directly to the LinkedIn website to view your new activity. The new Linkedin notification  will be displayed with badge with number of changes, from the moment you Linkedin page last time.

What you get with Linked In for Web:

- Fast access to a Linkedin page
- Convenient webpage usage
- Notifications alert over chrome extension icon
- All external links to Linkedin on pages would open with an extension

We are not affiliated with LinkedIn (Microsoft Company) or an official extension. 
This extension is independently developed for use with Linked In.

Our Reviews:

The LinkedIn extension is very useful.
Most of the time, I consider my LinkedIn notifications and messages to be of higher importance and priority than those in my other email and messaging accounts. As such, I like to know about them as soon as possible.
Given that my screens are often filled with open applications, I just don't have the visual real estate available to leave LinkedIn open and visible all the time. However, I always have Chrome open, doing at least something with the browser - actively or not.

I love LinkedIn! It has given me great opportunities to meet professional people in my field and do job searches with some of the top companies.
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