S.H.E. Search Human Equalizer S.H.E. Search Human Equalizer

S.H.E. is taking the bias out of search.

By: Pantene
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Version: 1.2.2 (Last updated: 2019-12-11)
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Price: Free
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Search “greatest engineers” or “greatest painters” and your results may not provide an accurate representation. Women are transforming the world every day, but cultural stereotypes distort their achievements and potential. These biases are being reflected in our search engine algorithms, affecting search results.

That’s why Pantene created S.H.E. Search. Human. Equalizer.

S.H.E. is a browser extension that transforms the way we search by helping remove some of the learned bias. S.H.E. operates in the search backend, filtering and repositioning results to yield more accurate representations.

By using S.H.E. you can influence the way search engines work today, giving women’s transformations the visibility they deserve. While using the extension, you can flag a term that S.H.E. hasn’t equalized yet. This helps S.H.E. make updates and continue to help transform results and the world.
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