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Files, Images, Links, Youtube, SoundClound. Collect and organize everything visually in one place.

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- What is BeeCanvas
BeeCanvas is online whiteboard based project management tool. It’s easy and intuitive but very practical to use for team collaboration. Tools exist for assisting human beings. But most project management tools are too complicated. 

BeeCanvas is an intuitive, easy project management tool that combines a "to-do list" with an online whiteboard. Don't waste time adapting to a cumbersome tools. The intuitive and visually appealing BeeCanvas will be available at your request

- Why BeeCanvas
We build professional but intuitively working product  that manage your project efficiently. For the past three years, we have been working on developing a product,  which would help its users to achieve outstanding results and, at the same time, is intuitive and simple. We realized that most people utilize complex tools for work but the importance lies on managing work and organizing information concisely. In turn, we created BeeCanvas by combining a to-do list with an online whiteboard that works like a Powerpoint slide.
With BeeCanvas, you can collaborate with your team in real time. 
You don’t have to send data back and forth via an e-mail or a messenger application.
BeeCanvas will bring your project to a successful completion.

- Who is our customer
Project manager, Web designer, Product manager, Motion graphic designer, College student

- Customer’s Industry
IT Startup, Life insurance, Marketing agency, Design agency, College
- Language support
Korean, Japanese, English, Deutsch, Portuguese (Brasil), Chinese, ру́сский(Russian)
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