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This plugin allows you to automatically solve CAPTCHAs found on any webpage.

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Version: 1.6.2 (Last updated: 2021-03-17)
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❗️❗️❗️Extension is free. But you have to purchase an API KEY❗️❗️❗️
In order to obtain API KEY you have to create an account on 2Сaptcha.com and replenish your balance. 
Every solved captcha will decrease your balance as per this rate:
💰1000 resolutions - $2.99 (1 captcha - 2.99 cents)

😆 The extension is made for those users who can't bypass a captcha for some reason being either banned by captcha or not able to read it.

🚀 For now extension supports:
✅ reCaptcha V2 / V2 Invisible / V3 / Enterprise
✅ hCaptcha
✅ GeeTest
✅ Arkose Labs Captcha (FunCaptcha)
✅ KeyCaptcha

🚀 Soon we will also add:
🕝 TikTok Captcha

🚀 How it works:
 The extension goes through page's HTML code. If it contains a captcha code extension sends a request to 2captcha server for resolution.
 When captcha is solved, extension sets a solution inside HTML code of the page. Then it could be used automatically when user submits a filled form.
Keep in mind that solution is valid for 120 seconds only. It means you have 117-119 seconds to complete the form and submit it.

🚀 Settings:
Your 2captcha.com API KEY. You may get it no your Dashboard on 2captcha.com.

🔥 Enable plugin
Enables HTML code analysis.

🔥 Submit forms automatically
Enables automatic submission of forms upon receiving a captcha resolution. Please be extra careful with this option. Some web forms doesn't have validation of data indicated. It leads to page refresh with an error message indicating fields to be filled. Extension will send a new captcha resolution request to 2captcha API and then will send a form again and again until you close this browser tab or you run out of balance on 2captcha.

🔥 Delay
You may set up a delayed automatic submission, indicating amount of seconds of the delay.

🔥 If error happens, repeat
Try to send a request again if a solution from 2catpcha didn't work or extension failed to send captcha challenge to 2captcha.com. Please note, if a website with a captcha challenge refuse to accept a captcha resolution from extension, it will refresh a page with captcha and extension will detect it as a new captcha page. Even if this option is not enabled, an extension will send a captcha request to 2captcha.com.

🔥 Delay
You may set up a delay for repeat of captcha submission, indicating amount of seconds of delay.

🔥 Enabled / Solve automatically
Check options accordingly for every captcha type.

🔥 Enabled
Check a code of the page for this type of captcha

🔥 Solve automatically
If set, an extension will send this captcha challenge to 2captcha.com API for resolution when found.
If you leave it unchecked, an extension will add a "Solve with 2catpcha" button to this webpage. If the captcha is invisible, the button will be placed under form submission button. Please check screenshots below.

🔥 Use proxy
Enable this option if you want a captcha to be solved via your proxy server.

🔥 Proxy type
Indicate proxy type. We only support HTTP. HTTPS. SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. We can't detect proxy type automatically so you have to indicate it.

🔥 login: password@
Indicate your proxy address, port and credentials accordingly. If your proxy doesn't need authorization, leave only IP and port: ""
Don't forget to allow access to your proxy from our IP Our requests will be tunneled from our gateway, so we will never have direct access to your proxy.

🌐 Support and information:
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