Corgify: Corgi Up Your Life Corgify: Corgi Up Your Life

Corgify your web experience. Add a corgi into your life and be happy. Weeheehee.

Rating: 2.85 (26) +0.09
Users: 70 -2
Version: 3.0 (Last updated: 2017-03-07)
Size: 5.76M
Price: Free
Do you like corgis? Corgify will turn (almost) all of the images on a webpage into pictures of cute and cuddly corgis. Add a corgi to your internet habit!

Known Issues:
- some websites have images as background images, etc. and currently Corgify does not look for that added level of complexity
- you can't really turn off Corgify without deleting it or shutting down your browser
- corgi images will sometimes be resized

When I am less lazy, I will resolve these problems.
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