Bright Data — Data Collector Bright Data — Data Collector

Use 'Click & Collect' technology to get you data on-demand in under 5 minutes

Bright Data — Data Collector is a Chrome extension by It was previously known as Luminati DCA, Lumintai Data collector, Luminati Data collector, Bright Data Collector. It had 851 weekly active users and an average rating of 4.63 before it was removed from Chrome Web Store 2 months ago. Bright Data — Data Collector is similar to Bright Data and Instant Data Scraper. The last published version was 1.282.495, updated 4 months ago.

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2022-05-10
Rating: 4.63 (8)
Users: 851
Version: 1.282.495 (Last updated: 2022-02-15)
Featured: No
Size: 1.32M
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Risk level: High risk

Bright Data — Data collector browser extension
Data collector extension is one of the simplest ways to collect web data directly from your Chrome browser.

The Bright Data extension enables you to define custom data collectors for any website. Once your crawler has been created you will be able to send an infinite number of data set requests through our extensive global network of IPs and automatically gain access to  the data sets you need.
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User reviews
. only simple list collection supported . working email registration, credits, company info... too many prerequisites to test it . selector is good, but does not work when fields are not aligned strictly . fetch failed frequently when clicking 'create collector' . like your proxies, will be back later to test coming Search and Discover
Bret Feige Bret Feige
Amazing extension, very easy to use! I'm not a very technical person and I was able to quickly understand and extract the relevant data point I needed.
Noam rom Noam rom
Simplicity is the key. I've installed it, defined what I want to collect, when I want to get it, and got it straight to my mailbox. As simple as that. I highly recommend it!
Omer Adulami Omer Adulami
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