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Fun decoding game for kids

By: Kiwi
Rating: 4.15 (13)
Users: 189 -9
Version: (Last updated: 2014-10-26)
Size: 3.07M
Price: Free
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*Update: Improved UI*

(For ages 5-9)


-Offline Chrome Application (Use without Internet after Installing once)
-Game Application


This is a offline game for kids to learn decoding by matching pairs. It has a scoring system. The Application has pleasing characters for kids with sound playback over certain interactions.
Each Level will be scored differently and you are prompted to attain better score in each level. Any level can be accessed as per convenience so that kids don’t feel bored.
The Levels inside App will be following some patterns like:
Letter Decoding
Word Decoding
Color Decoding
Action Decoding, etc..

Levels will be updated with newer mysteries to keep the child's knowledge growing at regular intervals.


if a kid does not know what is the correct pair, he’ll keep clicking all possible tiles to get the match and gets to learn something new upon finding the right one.

Developed by:
Nagashree S. Bhat
Kartik Verma
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