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Extend the possibilities of YouTube with note-taking, pins, and timestamps.

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Version: 2.3.7 (Last updated: 2020-08-27)
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Take notes directly on YouTube.

While watching a YouTube video, you will see a new widget on the right side. Take notes or pin moments you want to view later.

Click on the timestamp of a pin or note to jump right back to the place in the video you took it at.

Tag your notes just by typing a hashtag (e.g. #design).

Go to (or click "view all") to view a dashboard for all the notes you've ever taken and sort/filter through them all.

Send us feedback directly in the widget by typing a note with the tag "#feedback" in it and clicking "Submit Feedback."

Highlight words on any YouTube video's page (comments, keywords, description, video name, etc.) and click the pin in the toolbar that pops up. This will save a note directly with your highlighted text.

Any and all feedback is welcome, and we will work our hardest to quickly improve Rocket Note for you. Thank you for using Rocket Note!



- 2.3.7: Improved notes loading. Fixed issue some had with HTML in their notes.
- 2.3.6: Single login/signup. You'll be able to log in or sign up in the extension or the web app, and you'll be logged in on both platforms.
- 2.3.5: For some people, they were unable to take notes without reloading.
- 2.3.4: Solved issues with signup and login. Added an actual form to the widget if you're logged out for signup and login. Take YouTube notes immediately after.
- 2.3.3: Fixed small problems with new Google updates.
- 2.3.2: Fixed issues with keyboard shortcuts. Fixed missing pin functionality.
- 2.3.1: Fixed styling not loading issue.
- 2.3.0: View an on-hover custom video screenshot on timestamps. Rewrote the entire extension in ReactJS.
- 2.2.2: Updated to work with Rocket Note 2.0's API. Folders, sharing, and teams coming soon. Beta dashboard at
- 2.2.1: Fixed various bugs and YouTube shortcut issues that bubbled up. Toned down widget shadows to feel even more native to YouTube.
- 2.2.0: Added custom screenshots for each note by timestamp. Default export as txt to be by video if no notes are selected.
- 2.1.2: Added "Sort by timestamp/latest" toggle item to the bulk menu in the YouTube notes widget. Fixed scrolling to new note when added to widget.
- 2.1.1: Added form validation to login and signup in both the popup and website. Added password reset form on website.
- 2.1.0: Added bulk delete and bulk .txt export to a bulk menu in YouTube notes widget. Added "select" option for bulk actions. Fixed logging in so it consistently works across website and extension.
- 2.0.0: Rebuilt everything from the ground up, making all features and the Rocket Note API more reliable. Updated YouTube notes widget UI. Prepared everything for faster updates in the future.
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