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Ultra efficace, très paramétrable, vous pouvez même télécharger ou créer vos propres filtres ! Ne crée pas de bugs visuels. Seul bémol : sur 6play / tf1, les pubs ne sont pas bloquées car leur anti-bloqueur de pub est trop performant.
Okay, here is my review : why there are people who are buying Youtube premium to get rid of those annoying ads?! I didn't know this extension! God bless you!!! For now there aren't any ads on Youtube, OMG! Although, I can not understand why Google allows extensions like these on Chrome Webstore!:)). Anyway, Thank you very much and keep good work! There are 10 M + active users, that's cool! ;)
Funktioniert immer zuverlässig, ist nicht nervig mit Meldungen, blockiert die meisten Werbungen und ist einfach zu bedienen. Benutze ihn in jedem meiner Browser und habe immer die gleiche Erfahrung gemacht. Nur zu empfehlen!
Amazing extension. It does it job perfectly as a free ad blocker and I don't have anything bad to say about it. Would give 99999999999999999999/5 stars if I could. Highly recommend it!
The best ad blocker that I've ever used. 5 STARS
dobry adblock polecam
It used to be good but after recent updates it got really, really bad and doesn't block anything. At all.
Hace mess que la uso, y desde los ultimos cambios de youtube, la extension a estado dejando de funcionar, en muchos anuncios, espero que lo solucionen pronto
Было бы ещё лучше, если бы можно было бы включать рекламу только на определённых сайтах, но ADBlock-сила, реклама-могила
다른거 다 필요없고 이게 최고임
good please add it to your chrome and don't worry
La mejor del mundo gracias! ♥
Very nice
this is the best adblock . i've been using other before but those ads i want to remove are only applicable using this extensions only. this is the best
So far I have had no ads on youtube and thats all i care about!
ADblocker is nice! Because Is Gonna Block Ads If I Play A Game.
Paralı mı ekleyince bir siteye attı ve ödeme gibi birşey istedi
This doesn't work on Business Insider, I turned on the filter to block warning about using ad block. But it didn't word the pop-up is still there.
j'en ai marre des pubs!!! car cette année, il y a des pubs pendant des vidéos sur facebook ! donc pas très efficace ! :p
This extension blocks almost every ad on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
Blocks annoying ads when you watch a movie on a random site, works well for now..
wea ez
Je l'utilise depuis quelques années au moins 4 et j'adore ce programme