Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

Video Volume Sync Video Volume Sync

Synchronizes the volume of html videos tags on any website.

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Version: 1.0.5 (Last updated: 2018-07-25)
Size: 11.84K
Price: Free
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It lowers the video volume on websites, any website. 

Websites that like to max the volume on their video's by default as they load and not remember your volume choice from before. It's really good for those websites.  I know of 1 that starts with an F and end's in a K, that's definitely one this is good for.

Specifically though, it sets the volume to 10% and then remembers your choice for the rest of the video's scrolling on the page.  It set's the volume of loaded videos OnLoad, so if you set the volume to 50% and there are 5 video's that loaded before you changed it, those 5 will still by 10% but the next one to load will be 50%.

Quite minimal. It's like such little code I could paste it here.  I made a grease monkey script long ago and then I made this for those people.

Then a fancy lawyer came along and took down my extension because it used a magical word that is trademarked like half the extensions in the chrome store and now it's back. 

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